Abilities and activities of Arian Keshesh Pars Company:

The A.K.P company founded by strategy of cooperating  with Railroad in all

technical  projects  such as electric,electronic,mechanic,control and computer.

In this  regard  A.K.P  Company  has some specialists  whom  are   expert  in   

Railroad   systems    and    by   cooperating   with   M.P.A Company  perform

several activities.

The most important activities of A.K.P Company are as below:

1- Inspecting  and  quality controlling  in  technical  and  specialized  Railroad

affairs ;  taking   accessories   and  collections,  the  method  of  repairing  and

maintenance , Performing   various  activities from constructing accessories to

modifying locomotive. 

2- Engineering and consulting   services  includes  explanation of  the  services

and  the  technical  index  of  contracts  and  project  controlling ,evaluation of

projects,the analysisthereason of defects.

3-Transferring technologyin projects related to Railroad,design,performing of 

 different  projects  to  improve  systems  by  using producer  instructions.

4- Maintaining  , repairing  ,  and   inspecting  different  systems  in  Railroad.

5-Training services  includes training in different and special courses in regard

to   Railroad , and   instructing   programming   in  management  and  process.  

The A.K.P  company  by having efficient management and creative personnel

 are able  to  remove all  technical needs of  related industries.The contract of

modification   and  conversion  of   U-30c   2   GE  locomotive  to  c-30/7i   in 

manufacture  of  locomotive modification,the contract of the special repairing

of  traction  motor  and  cooperating  with  management project of  Railroad,  

de-montaging   and    montaging   electric   elements  in  GE  locomotives  are  

the  most  important  activities  of  company. Because  of shareholding M.P.A  

Company in mentioned company,that company  is one of its work supporters.



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