Founded in 1994, Moje Payam Avar Company (MPA) has been engaged in many projects such as designing, manufacturing, selling, installing, repairing and maintaining of communication systems, electronics, control and remote control systems. MPA in 2006 formed a joint venture with Arian Keshesh Pars Company and RMR Canada to address the customers’ needs.

 MPA has three departments:

       1- The department of electronic, control and communication circuit designs (MPACOM)

        2- The department of switching power supply designs and productions (MPAPS)

       3- The department of electronic and control equipment designs and productions for locomotives

            as well as equipment repair and modifications (MPALOCO).

Each department has its own independent installation, sale, repair and maintenance systems. The cooperation of these groups has resulted in successful team work for the completion of several electrical and mechanical projects, particularly for the Port and Shipping organization, transportation, and auto manufacturing industries.

MPA is a member of the society of Iranian industries and has a number of patented products. The researching workbook is one of its awards.

The core work of MPA includes the following:  the  design  and manufacturing  of  speedometers  and Taco generators for locomotives, the design and manufacturing of automatic train  stops  (ATCS),  the design of wireless paging networks, installation of radio networks and  communication  towers,  design and  manufacturing  of  EWTS  for  measuring  the  temperature  of   locomotive  radiators,  and  sent temperature  data  to  Microprocessor  modules.   Additionally  MPA  performs  testing,  repair  and manufacturing of the electrical elements for GE and GM locomotives, repair and maintenance of safety systems for locomotives,  repair  and  maintenance  of  wireless  networks,  manufacturing  of  distance recorders and speedometers for train sets, and sale of wireless sets and radio modems. 

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