The MPALOCO group specializes in the design and production of  electronic, and control  equipment  for locomotives, as well as  equipment  repair and modification. Our main  products  are  speedometers,  pulse generators, event recorders, deadman, contactors clappers and some electronic modules for different types of locomotives. In addition to the above products, we  take  custom  orders for  various  locomotive  parts. Please contact us with your specialized requests. Your order will be received and processed in a short time and according to your specifications.
Train speedometer measures and records the speed, distance and time for  the  railway  traction  vehicles. Concerning construction and operation, it is likewise to other performing digital equipment used for speed measurement.
*   With two display mode, Digital 7seg. and LED bar.
*   Capability of calibration with different diameters of locomotive’s wheel.
*   Using the flash memory and registration of the information up to 512 KB and saving &
         remaining the information even after turning off the device for a long time.

*   Capability of saving and registration up to 8 events simultaneously.
*   With RS232 serial port for connecting to computer or reader.
*   Using the isolated switching power supply.
*   Supporting by speed Analyzer software.
*   Capability of calibration with different pulse generators.
*   Drawing the diagrams under windows environment and use of different kinds of  menus  for
          being used by users easily.

*   Indicating the time-speed diagram  and  distance-speed  diagram  absolutely  and  relatively.
*   Capability of calculation and showing an average speed in a time domain and  total  average

*   Capability of calculation and showing the stop  time  in  a  time domain and  total  stop  time.
*   Providing different reports including time, speed, distance, event,  driver,  over  speed,  stop
         time and off time.

*    Capability of calculation and showing the navigated distance in a time or speed  domain  or
         navigated distance in a definite speed.
*   Capability of calculation and showing the total time in a speed domain or in a definite speed.
*   Providing the events report and showing them according to their time or location.
*   Having two cursors and providing time-location coordinates and differential  table  from  the
         time-location point of view.
Microcontroller At mega 64L AVR
The work frequency of microcontroller 4 MHz
Flash memory 512 Kbytes
The methods of saving memory information ZIP
The duration of  information saving More than 100 thousand kilometers of distance, and approximately 30 continuous work days.
The number of events 8 events
The type of useable taco 20 and 60 pulse digit and 20 and 60 pulse analog
Speed limit Error in X defines speed, and activating of relay limits the speed to X+5
Connection to Computer Serial port, Baud Rate = 57600
Connection to Reader SPI Protocol (specifically for AVR micros)
Sampling speed Once per second
Speed of saving information in memory For non-repetitive every 2 seconds, for repetitive every 127 seconds
Input Voltage Typically  +75  VDC  /  (48 to 110)  VDC
Driver port The capability of recognizing driver ID  from special port
The maximum speed to be displayed 200 km/h  (can be customized)
The LED Bar status LED for increasing speed 5 km/h and maximum 200 km/h
Speedometer display accuracy 1 km/h

This instrument is designed for measuring the temperature of the locomotive radiator water with high accuracy.It has been designed in two models, the Digital and the Analogue.  Following the temperature measurement, in the digital set  the instrument by electronic pulls and in the Analogue set by the current of 4-20 MA send the water temperature information  to the central processor. If the temperature is higher than the permitted value, the cooler fans are activated to lower the temperature of the water. The digital set  has been installed on the MP (Micro Processor) locomotives and the MPA Company is their sole designer.

The dead-man system is designed to caution and alert the locomotive drivers. It is equipped with a foot pedal and push button on the locomotive console.   This system has two timers which operate at 74-volt locomotive voltages. When the locomotive moves, the driver must push the pedal repetitively in one minute intervals to inform the system that he is not incapacitated and it is safe to proceed. Otherwise an alarm sounds and after passing 5 seconds the train stops.   In the new models, the event recorder has been assimilated with the dead-man system, and the extractable information is saved in memory. It has several inputs and outputs that communicate with various parts of the locomotive, such as the dynamic lever and regulators. According to this information, signals are sent to other parts such as automatic train stop, alarms, etc.

*   The isolate switching power supply with DC input voltage 74.
*   Ordering from Automatic Compulsory Stop by positive logic as well as negative logic to pneumatic valves.
*   Foot pedal under the locomotive driver foot.
*   Programmable timer.
*   Guidance LEDes for declaring system function.
*    Sonic alarm enabled.
*   Flash memory for saving information.
*   Possibility of entrance the date and time .
*   Recording 8 events.
*   Ability to remote information by computer and RS232 port.
*   The isolate switching power supply with DC input voltage 74.
*   Ordering from Automatic Compulsory Stop by positive logic as well as negative logic to pneumatic valves.
*   Foot pedal under the locomotive driver foot.
*   Programmable timer.
*   Guidance LEDes for declaring system function.
*   Dimension 18 × 12 × 6 cm.
*   Sonic alarm.

This class of distance recorder is designed to record the distance traveled by individual wagons in the train set.    The  number  of  wheel  revolutions  is  recorded  using  sensors  mounted on the wheel axel and the information is transferred to the distance recorder. The distance traveled is recorded individually  for  each train set wagon and independently of the sensors located on the main locomotive.

*   Input of train set and train set wagons labels and numbering.
*   Recording of total usage time.
*   Adjustment of the date and the timet.
*   Adjustment of the wheel diameter parameter.
*   Conformity with speedometers that have any numbers of output pulses.
*   Password enabled.
*   Information saves in the event of main power supply failure.
*   Small dimensions and LCD with 2 × 20 characters.
*   Distance recording of up to 1,000,000,000 kilometres with 100 meter accuracy in 1000 km.
*   Ability to connect to a Reader for data logging and transfer to computer.
*   Indication of Power On / Power Off times of the train set with accuracy of one second.
*   Switching Power Supply with ability of accepting input voltage from 12 to 36 volts.
*   Current consumption of 100 ma.



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