The MPAPS group specializes in the design and production of various Switching Power Supplies AC/DC or DC/DC in the form of isolated and non-isolated, converter, multi output and switching chargers, which has the capability of parallelism in order to access the higher powers according to your needs.  Just send the design, dimensions and technical  specifications of  your order, and  the finished product will be sent to you in a short time. By purchasing our products,  you can get three advantages at once:  American quality,  Swiss precision  and  Chinese price.  The MPAPS group expresses  its  gratitude  for  your choices of our products and assures you that you have chosen   the highest quality product available.
Operating temperature: − 10 to + 60 ˚C
Input voltage range: 85 to 265 VAC or
                              {(9 to 18 VDC) – (18 to 36 (VDC) – (36 to 72 DC) according to order)}
Input frequency: 47 to 63 HZ (or DC according to order)
Over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, thermal-protection.

All  power  supplies  with  the specified outputs can be configured isolated or non-isolated, and
increasing or decreasing by DC inputs (9-18), (18-36), (36-72).Moreover if order they can be programmable and then deliver.

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